Welcome to the web site of the Baltic Marine Biologists (BMB)


BMB is an international non-governmental scientific organisation whose aim is to promote studies on the biological diversity, structure, function and sustainable management of the ecosystems of the Baltic Sea Area (Baltic Sea, Belt Seas, Öresund and Kattegat).



Goals of BMB

·  to facilitate contacts between marine biologists working in the Baltic Sea Area

·  to facilitate the incorporation of young scientists into the scientific society

·  to encourage joint international investigations

·  to develop and disseminate scientific knowledge on the biology of the Baltic Sea Area



Activities of BMB

·  scientific networking in the field of marine biology

·  arranging the Baltic marine biological symposia

·  maintaining and disseminating a list of Baltic marine biologists with their field of expertise

·  establishing working groups on important issues of marine biology

·  arranging advanced courses, workshops or other activities in marine biology

·  co-operating with other international bodies working in the Baltic Sea Area member 




The member countries of BMB are the nine countries that have a coast bordering the Baltic Sea Area: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden, as well as Belarus and Ukraine. 

General Secretary of BMB

Professor Pauli Snoeijs

Uppsala University

Evolutionary Biology Centre

Department of Ecology and Evolution

Villavägen 14

SE-75236 Uppsala, Sweden

Contact information:

Phone: +46 18 4712885

Fax: +46 18 553419

E-mail: pauli.snoeijs@ebc.uu.se



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